It's the Wild West Out There

A Brave New World

Lawyers know a phenomenal amount about the law, but the same can't be said of the Internet. We've been interested in technology since primary school whereas they have had abut 5 minutes to get familiar with the way things work which does leave a bit of a hole to be filled and that's where we come in.

Anyone following the amount of explanation that the crown needed over the Twitter bomb threat case to even understand how Twitter works before dishing out a guilty verdict knows what we're talking about.

If you need legal advice on technology matters contact us first. We'll tell you exactly what will happen, the likely outcome and the best way to try and solve your dilemma rather than just nodding agreeably and signing you up to an enormous fee schedule.

Because we're not lawyers, we can't represent you directly in court although we will work closely with your lawyer, guiding them on past cases of a similar nature, how to present the facts and with us gathering evidence. Sometimes advocates will be necessary to allow us to complete our fact gathering missions but we will advise you throughout the process and are just a phone call away should you need advice.

Domain Name Disputes

You can read all of the .com domain name disputes that have ever happened here - Domain Name Disputes

If you don't have time to read them all you you can read some of the more contraversial decisions here -

BAA vs Bob Larkin over the domain name.Airport vs Gatwick Tourist Information

Allos Theraputics vs Kumar Patel

One in a Million Appeal Judgement

Expert Witness Service

Our senior programmers and most experienced server administrators are here to help you not only investigate cases on your behalf but also represent your point clearly, consisely and unfaluteringly in court. Key staff have undergone UK court protocol traning and are able to stand up to the most rigerous cross examination from your opposition in court becasue they have a special tool - knowlege.

Being cross examined by someone with little or no IT knowledge isn't very hard for us as we know how things work and corss examinations are usually foregone when we represent your case in court. Call us today on 0845 257 0725 and we'll let you know how your case will stand in court.

Domain Name Disputes

So far we've been involved in more than ten domain name disputes and we haven't lost a case yet. Why is this? Because we do our homework! We have read every case involving domain name disputes and are very familiar in how jusgdements are made and when a domain is deemed to be with the wrongful owner.

Whilst we agree with the rulings 95% of the time they do throw out the odd curve ball but we'll make sure you're fully aware of all the facts and how your dispute will be viewed by the panel before you proceed with your case.

We specialise in domain name diputes for domain names ending in .uk, .com, .org and .net.